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family dysfunction Collaborative Divorce

Specifically trained in Collaborative Divorce, I apply my strength-based approach to supporting couples, parents and children.

In this process, I offer much more than emotional support for the strain of separation. The collaborative divorce process can help everyone involved to respectfully move toward greater well-being.

My role as your divorce coach is to ensure that your needs, concerns and feelings are understood by your lawyer, your spouse or partner, and the professionals representing your spouse or partner.

It has been proven that with sustainable planning for the separation process, couples and families can move through the difficult emotions that naturally arise in this significant time. I have seen that the collaborative divorce process helps protect children from emotional distress and conflict and minimizes the impact of divorce on the family. My co-parenting tools put the children first, and ensure that their needs are met.

Usually, both you and your spouse or partner will each have your own divorce coach. They will be your guides and counselors through the whole separation process until you reach an agreement. Team support helps couples and parents work toward a collaborative restructuring. Committing to the collaborative process helps you stay out of court. Joint meetings, negotiation and mediation then replace adversarial processes. However, if you do end up going to court, I offer support there as well.

I offer support and counseling for the intense feelings of confusion, loss, anger and conflict that may arise. With specialized training in mediation and the collaborative process, I can help you gain greater control of the process, with more predictable outcomes for you and your family, so everyone involved can establish new and healthy boundaries.

Is collaborative divorce right for you? I can help you explore this option.

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